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Please click through for our newest report, entitled Advancing Northeast Ohio: What WorkAdvance Taught Us About Building On Ramps to Opportunity. This report, made possible by support from the Fund for Our Economic Future and Deaconess Foundation, explores in-depth the history and impact of WorkAdvance in our region, as well as makes several recommendations for going forward.

A national leader in workforce development

We are a proven leader in workforce development that connects people to careers, which changes people’s lives, advances businesses, and strengthens community in Northeast Ohio.
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Job Seekers

We actively address the need local business has for a qualified, trained and motivated workforce.



We partner with businesses confident our proven training programs and personal coaching prepares new and current employees for career success.



Our enterprises reflect 40 years of experience in successfully helping people gain the tools they need to find a job, navigate life's obstacles, and secure a path towards a long-term career.

We helped 300 people find good jobs last year. 180 had criminal backgrounds.

With a staff of 55, over 100 volunteers, 22 board members, and a budget of $6.1 million, TE serves approximately 2,000 individuals every year.

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Pictured are Richard Jackson, Mary Lamar, and Casey Wright, all graduates of ACCESS to Manufacturing Careers who are now valued employees at Talan Products on Cleveland’s east side0

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About Senate Bill 37

Senate Bill 37 removes the ability to suspend a person’s license for non-driving related issues, such as unpaid parking tickets, therefore removing the barrier to employment for millions of hard-working Ohioans and businesses that employ them. Ohio sees roughly 3 million license suspensions per year with over 60% of these being for debt-related reasons, such…


Clevelanders tell their criminal justice system stories, live with jazz artist Dominick Farinacci

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Over 300 Employers Hired TE Graduates

Our employer partners represent a diverse business landscape: small shops, large health care systems, local manufacturers and innovative entrepreneurial businesses.

Towards Employment Impact

“Towards Employment gives you doors to walk through but you have to take the first step.”

Leonard went to prison for a year at the age of 19 and then spent the next 10 years working odd jobs until another conviction at age 31 led to a six-year sentence gave him the determination to turn his life around. After his release, he struggled to find a decent job. He eventually enrolled in TE’s program for individuals with criminal records.

“Towards Employment is no-nonsense preparation for the workplace.”

Kathy needed a fresh start after being her mother’s full-time caretaker until her death from cancer but she faced the challenge of finding a job at age 57 – ten years out of the workplace with no experience with online job searches and applications.

“Even with a criminal record, I began to believe that I had a shot, that I could land a career position, not just any job.”

The routes may vary, but the end result is the same: moving from poverty to a paycheck and from a paycheck to a career. After graduating from TE’s job readiness program for people with a criminal record, Daniel found a career.