At Towards Employment, we envision a dynamic world of work where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

We champion the potential of every person to succeed in a rewarding career, while working to create an equitable and inclusive workforce for tomorrow. We do this through skill development, comprehensive support, strong employer partnerships, and continuous innovation.

Towards Employment connects people to careers – helping them prepare, get, and keep a job; and then advance – in this way we change lives, advance business, and strengthen community.

We have over 40 years of experience successfully helping people gain the tools they need to find a job, navigate life's obstacles, and secure a path towards a long-term career.

We partner with over 300 local businesses who have confidence in our proven training programs and personal coaching to prepare new and current employees for career success.

We are a leading community-based workforce organization in Northeast Ohio, working to influence the wider system, regional economy, and local community through extensive expertise and trusted partnerships.