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Towards Employment doesn’t just connect people to careers, we give hope for a brighter future.

From day one, we become your partner on your journey to success, and we stay with you long after you’ve secured that first job or second chance. We get that one size does not fit all, which is why we’ve developed programs that are customized to your specific needs and goals.

Real people,

LaToria Davis

LaToria Davis

LaToria Davis

"Everybody has a story to tell."

Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson

"I feel like without Towards Employment I would not be on the path that I’m on. I love my job."

Linda Butts

Linda Butts

Linda Butts

"I am living proof that you can come from nothing and be something."

Tiara Colbert

Tiara Colbert

Tiara Colbert

"Towards Employment helps to build confidence. They help remind people they’re not alone, that this is a process."

How TE works for

To get started, give us a call at (216) 696-5750 or complete our online form. A Towards Employment staff member will then reach out to you by phone, text or email to learn more about your experience, current situation and future goals. They will also help answer any questions you might have.

Join us in-person for a no-commitment TE Orientation Info Session at our main office in the Saint Clair/Superior neighborhood to learn more about TE and our free career services.

TE's 1-hour orientation info session is every Tuesday at 1:00pm, and Thursday at 10:00pm.

Towards Employment's main office is located at 3301 Saint Clair Ave. in Cleveland. We have an open parking lot, as well as an RTA stop directly in front of our building.

If Towards Employment can help you with your next steps, you will have the opportunity to sign up with TE after your info session.

We can help with more than just career readiness training, but with free support and resources to help you stay on track with your career.

You’ll be connected with a career coach who will help you create a personalized plan to gain skills, training and experience, as well as any other needed resources or services.

Not quite ready to start on a career path? TE has supportive services to help you get ready!

Put your new skills to use and get started on your career pathway! We’ll help match your skills with career openings at any one of the more than 300 businesses in our employer network.

Through our Alumni Advancement Collective and ongoing support from your career coach (up to 18 months after securing your first job!), TE stays in your corner providing what you need to meet your evolving career goals and ensure your success.

We do more than connect you to a great career.

We connect you to services and resources that get you ready and ensure your success.



ID & Legal Assistance


Professional Clothes & Uniforms

Job-Specific Tools

Medical Care

& Much More

Our Training & Certification Programs

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Employers hiring TE graduates:

These are some of the more than 300 employers partnering with TE.

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