Learn, Grow,

Becoming an Alumni means more than new skills and training.
Gain access to amazing professional and career growth opportunities.


Give Power to Your Voice

In the Alumni Advancement Collective you will have opportunities to further engage your community through policy & advocacy.

First – vote!  Then, explore how your voice enriches our community.  Find out about local policy priorities and match your voice to the things you want to change.  Strengthen your communication skills and build your own toolbox for effective storytelling.

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Connect with the Community

Support your neighborhood.

Volunteer for a service-based organization – see how these organizations provide no cost resources and support for the betterment of our community.

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Learn about Leadership

The Alumni Advancement Collective offers access to many different leadership opportunities to help you advance in your career, and strengthen your voice in the community. Discover what service on a board, advisory council, or committee means. Strong leadership skills can help you be a catalyst of change that benefits the local community and beyond.


Professional Advancement

Research and find membership and involvement with a professional network – an organization that will support your continual professional development and achievement of career goals.

Take a look at TE's impact on advancement in 2023.


Average starting wage for TE participants, $4.50 above OH minimum wage.

155 Advanced

on the job with an average wage increase of over $2/hr.


Average advanced wage.


Sharing Your Voice with TE

Tell your story.

Your story matters. The Alumni Advancement Collective will help you learn to strengthen your written and verbal communication skills to elevate your voice.

LaToria Davis

LaToria Davis

LaToria Davis

"Everybody has a story to tell."

Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson

"I feel like without Towards Employment I would not be on the path that I’m on. I love my job."

Linda Butts

Linda Butts

Linda Butts

"I am living proof that you can come from nothing and be something."

Tiara Colbert

Tiara Colbert

Tiara Colbert

"Towards Employment helps to build confidence. They help remind people they’re not alone, that this is a process."

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