Northeast Ohio
Employer Resource Network®

Towards Employment is proud to offer the NEO Employer Resource Network®.


An Employer Resource Network® (ERN®) is an employer collaborative that pools resources to provide an on-the-job success coach available to all employees who helps with work/life issues.

For member businesses, the success coach works on site to address many of the social determinants of work that can cause stress and derail a worker's performance, as well as provide financial literacy, other essential training, and connections to any needed community resources. Through the ERN, businesses can also share resources and best practices on hiring and retaining diverse talent.

Why ERNs®?

Rentention Rate

of employees utilizing this benefit.


feel more stable and secure after utilizing this benefit.

All figures represent an average across reporting network employers and employees.

  • Increases employee retention and engagement
  • Partners with your HR team for maximum impact
  • Minimizes work disruptions
  • Improves financial stability of workers
  • Delivers insightful data on impact, ROI, and challenges your workers face
  • Decreases absenteeism

How it Works

Our coaches are at the heart of what we do. With specialized training in career coaching, our team offers your employees unparalleled access to:

Face-to-face, confidential and customized assistance, whenever and wherever it's needed.

Personalized financial planning & coaching.

Facilitated, fast-tracked connections to community resources addressing life issues affecting work performance.

Specialized training for frontline workers, supervisors and managers created in partnership with your HR team.

Wrap-Around Supportive Services

These supportive services address social determinants of work which are the things that get in the way of employee success. Supportive services are provided directly by us, or through our large network of community partners.

Become Part of ERN®

For more information on becoming part of the Employer Resource Network® contact:

Staci Wampler

ERN Contact

Phone: (216) 696-5750 x311