TE’s comprehensive career pathway model – WorkAdvance - allows participants to access the right services at the right time.

Towards Employment uses the WorkAdvance Model. This is a rigorously evaluated industry-driven Career Pathway model with proven results - the pilot demonstrated that comprehensive and aligned services helped 50 percent of the participants advance within two years, with an average hourly wage increase of over $2.

The comprehensive WorkAdvance model includes: sector-specific recruitment and screening; career readiness training, work experience and career planning; wraparound supports, in-house legal services; in-demand technical training; job placement; and post-employment coaching for advancement. All of these components are critical to an individual's success and long-term increased wages.

The WorkAdvance Model

Connect low-income job seekers to high demand sectors that offer quality jobs with strong career pathways.

The program's model takes a dual customer approach to meet the needs of both job seekers and employers

Ensure that they can benefit from training and can meet sector requirements.

Help them understand the needs of their chosen sector and develop "soft skills".

Provide training that leads to industry-recognized credentials for in-demand jobs.

Facilitate entry into jobs for which they have been trained.

Support performance and career mobility after initial job placement.

Supportive and Legal Services | Ongoing Career Coaching

Increased pool of qualified applicants to make recruitment easier and less costly.

Your organization will be prepared to welcome a more informed and supported workforce!

WorkAdvance Resources