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You got to face it to fix it."

I come from generational incarceration. My father, my cousins, my sister, my brother. I was mentally incarcerated at 4 years old.

I have a master's degree in counselling, I could talk to people about their issues, but the person I needed to taIk to was myself. After I got out of prison I became a general contractor and fashion designer. I did over 900 clothing sketches in prison. I had a prayer: "Father, let there be reconciIiation."

My daughters visited me in 2008 when I was incarcerated for the last
time. My oldest daughter interrupted me and said, "Dad, we are in prison too. - When there is a father/daughter dance, when you are not there for all the things a child needs a father for because you are in here, then we are in prison too."

My daughters and I have a program - Dad We Are In Prison Too. We give children a chance to talk about family scars and the
hurt. This gives children of incarceration an opportunity for healing and reconciliation.

That's a missing piece.