Meet our interns: Bri

Bri Snoddy

School: Miami University

Field of Study: Psychology major, criminology minor

Year of study: Rising senior

Hometown: Cleveland

Why were you interested in interning at TE?

I was interested in working at TE because of the emphasis on the reentry population. I believe that this population can often be left with a huge stigma, which makes the transition back into society even more difficult that it already is.  I think that it is important to realize that they are not bad people; they are just people who made mistakes in the past and have paid back their debt to society.

What are your main tasks at TE?

I work with Bishara (Senior Manager, Policy & Strategic Initiatives) following policies and bills that could impact the way TE runs, TE staff, and/or TE participants. I have also completed a few projects, one of which included researching the truck driving industry in order to better understand an employee demand gap in this field.

What is the best part of interning at TE?

The best part of interning at TE is the staff. They are so friendly and kind, and always willing to lend a helping hand when you need it. TE has a very welcoming vibe.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned at TE so far?

The most valuable thing I have learned at TE is the importance of collaboration. The people that are served at TE usually don’t just need help in one area of their lives. It takes the whole team to be able to deliver the services that are needed to train for, receive, and advance in a career.

What is your favorite thing about working in downtown Cleveland?

My favorite thing about working in downtown Cleveland is the knowledge I have gained about the area. I have been able to find new and interesting places to go that I didn’t know about before, even though I have lived in the Cleveland area for my whole life.