Timothy’s Story

Timothy participated in Towards Employment’s pre-release career readiness programming while finishing up a sentence in the County jail, where he met TE career coaches Chelsie Froning and Steve Foglio. Right before his release, his home was destroyed in an apartment fire. Despite this devastating set back, Timothy enrolled in workshop at TE in January of 2020 with a goal to work within the culinary and hospitality field. He graduated from one of the last in-person workshops that TE held pre-COVID.

Workshop provided much needed structure and support. He felt that this discipline helped him to be persistent and efficient. “Following steps gave me something to keep me on track working towards my goals.”  When COVID struck, he didn’t get discouraged and “just kept grinding” to continue his job search.  Though COVID restrictions slowed down his efforts, he secured a job as a head cook at a local restaurant – and he has stayed employed throughout the pandemic.

Being employed during the pandemic benefitted Timothy financially, but also helped strengthen his family. “I want to bring structure and stability to my kids’ lives and set an example for them…if you work hard you can achieve anything.” Timothy is doing just that – still working hard. He has plans to begin training that will allow him to work with the heavy chemicals required for COVID sanitation and sterilization cleaning work. Timothy had some words of wisdom for those who have been in his shoes. “There’s always hope when there’s someone that cares no matter where you come from. You are not alone. Towards Employment made sure I knew that.”


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