Meet our interns: Colin

Colin Lang

School: Xavier University

Field of Study: History and Philosophy, Politics, and the Public

Year of study: Junior

Hometown: Westlake, OH

Why were you interested in interning at TE?

I found out TE’s goal and mission from my brother who interned here previously.  Then I did my own research and realized that I was hooked.  This was a place that I had to work in some capacity because it deeply resonated with two large parts of my personality: a desire to help others in need and build a better community

What are your main tasks at TE?

I am working with the Marketing and Development team to create a story library for the stories of our participants after they have left TE.  Really, it is sort of a perfect internship for me.  I love to write stories and meet new people, and this internship allow me to do both.

What is the best part of interning at TE?

There is a lot that is great about interning here at TE, but most of them relate directly to the friendly and helpful atmosphere.  Everyone is so welcoming and pleasant to be around.  If I ever need help, someone is always able and willing to give it.

What is the most valuable thing you learned from  your internship?

The most valuable thing I’ve learned so far is that organizations work best when everyone is willing to lend a hand.  Numerous times people from all over the office volunteered to help with different projects, programs, or events that co-workers were working on.  Having that extra help makes the work much easier and quicker to complete.

What has been your favorite thing about working in downtown Cleveland?

Growing up in a suburb, I rarely came downtown except for the occasional Indians or Cavs game.  Since starting work in downtown Cleveland, I have seen incredible examples of our city’s resurgent life.  Everything from great food to new entertainment spaces to beautiful revitalized buildings have made their mark on me, and I am looking forward to enjoying them for years to come.