We engage deeply with our network of more than 300 employer partners, working with them to fill open positions and reduce turnover in the immediate term while partnering to increase equitable access to quality jobs over the long term.

How we’re working to promote Access to Quality Jobs:

can we link to the crains article:

In addition, as part of our work with Annie E Casey supported Generation Work, Towards Employment is leading a coalition of Cleveland-based workforce providers to introduce the Opportunity Navigator to partners employers.  The ON…. Give description…

as NEXT step:  maybe we can work to get an employer quote (like from UH or ACCESS) that speaks to how we raised awareness about JQ and a practice change they  made. If we work off of the Aspen framework, we could have them talk about increasing wages; about increased benefits; about advancement opportunities made available; about some form of worker voice (eg formation of an ERG or other kind of consultative initiative).

Why Job Quality Matters

How TE's working to promote access to quality jobs.

Opportunity Navigator



Employer Resource Network® (ERN®)


An Employer Resource Network® (ERN®) is an employer collaborative that pools resources to provide an on-the-job success coach who helps with work/life issues to all employees.

For member businesses, the success coach works on site to address many of the social determinants of work that can cause stress and derail a worker's performance, and also provide financial literacy, other essential training, and connect workers.

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