Bloom launches crowdfunding campaign.




CLEVELAND, OHIO – May 18, 2016 – Bloom Bakery, Cleveland’s newest social enterprise with a mission to provide job opportunities to those who face significant obstacles to employment, today announced the launch of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will provide important capital for the bakery in the Campus District. Supporters of the Indiegogo campaign can pre-purchase coffee, lunch, corporate catering, and exclusive baking lessons at Bloom Bakery. Bloom has set a goal of raising $25,000 by June 10, 2016 through the crowdfunding campaign.


“We chose crowdfunding because we want this to be a truly community-backed effort. Whether people contribute $10 or $1,000, every dollar will go towards making Bloom Bakery the best social enterprise it can be,” said Logan Fahey, general manager of Bloom Bakery. “Bloom is not a typical bakery, nor is it a typical social enterprise,” Fahey continued. “We are a for-profit and market-driven organization, providing good jobs while delivering unique quality and value for our customers.”


Operating under the slogan, “Creating jobs is our secret ingredient,” Bloom Bakery is a benefit corporation (B-Corp) with a clear social mission – to offer training and career opportunities in the culinary industry for hard-to-employ people, such as those with criminal records. All proceeds from the business go to support Towards Employment, a 40-year-old Cleveland nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people overcome employment barriers.


“We are excited to add “job creator” to the list of ways in which Towards Employment  serves our graduates and our community,” said Jill Rizika, Towards Employment’s Executive Director. “Not only will Bloom Bakery serve delicious baked goods, but it is creating opportunity for our graduates to build the skills and work habits that businesses throughout our city value, improving the lives of its employees, their families, and our community.”


“We’ve seen the power of food to improve people’s lives,” said Matthew Fieldman, Board President of EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute, and a volunteer helping with the planning for Bloom Bakery. “We’re excited to welcome another food-based social enterprise to Cleveland, where people are so generous and appreciate when their meals have meaning. Bloom Bakery is another step forward in making Cleveland a better place to live for everyone.”


“Bloom is the culmination of 18 months of planning, collaboration, and social entrepreneurship,” said Michael Lonsway, Bloom’s Board Chairman. “We appreciate the tremendous support of our major backers and investors: the Cleveland Foundation, the Business of Good Foundation, RSF Social Finance, the Economic and Community Development Institute, as well as Towards Employment. And we thank in advance all of those who support our efforts through the crowdfunding campaign, as well as the customers who will visit Bloom to enjoy its delicious products.”


Visit the Bloom campaign at and watch the video, select a perk and contribute.