6 Things Needed for Inclusive Economic Recovery

Review written by Bishara Addison, TE Senior Manager, Policy & Strategic Initiatives

In order to realize that vision, however, skills policies targeting industries and workers need champions at the state and federal levels. In addition, income and social safety net supports are essential to support job seekers as they weather the storm into this reimagined and inclusive economy. We know that there are some jobs that are not coming back. And we also know that some jobs have fundamentally changed due to the shut-down. But with all crises, new opportunities emerge and some industries will withstand the recession and grow. To get everyone ready, the National Skills Coalition believes we need the following:

  1. A safety net that supports workers’ long-term pathway to a skilled career.
  2. A comprehensive approach to re-training and re-employment for all displaced workers.
  3. Publicly funded job creation that includes training for those in need of a new career.
  4. Support to local businesses to avert layoffs and encourage upskilling.
  5. Sector partnerships to drive industry-specific training and hiring strategies.
  6. Digital access and learning for all working people at home and on the job.

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