If I had not attended the Towards Employment workshop, my life would be incredibly different. I’m not saying that it would be bad – but you helped me open up my eyes to what I could be, what I could do, and in a way I never thought possible. You guys took an ex-offender and gave me hope not only for a career but beyond the barriers and I faced.

This class takes hard work and dedication. We are given a lot of valuable information on employability. I’m grateful for all the knowledge that the facilitators shared, different personalities that were displayed, and the different styles of teaching that took place. As a direct result of this variety I was able to retain the information more easily. All of the information pertained to becoming self-sufficient.

The statement that stood out to me the most was “Embrace the truth it sets you free”.  That statement started churning a desire inside of me to secure a future and i started to become comfortable with the strengths that I have. Although this class is focused on a career path it’s so much more. It became part of my life study. Knowing who I am and realizing that my greatest potential has been here all along was a game changer. Anything is possible if we want to achieve it. We get out of life what we think we deserve and I have my mind wrapped around big things. I’m not settling for less.

Your encouragement and persistence taught me to build off of my strengths, have more confidence in myself and go after the interview like I want the position. I am who I am and in the end it all comes down to me. This class has given me the knowledge and the tools to find and maintain a career path and for that: I’m forever grateful! – 2017 Graduate