When I started Towards Employment I was a little skeptical. I have never had a problem getting a job and keeping a job, but I never had to do it with a conviction in my background. After my first few days at Towards Employment I have to say that I feel the Towards Employment Staff definitely has our best interest at heart.

Thanks to Mr. Madden I can now say that I am confident in talking about the uncomfortableness of my background to an Employer. I would also like to thank Ms. Dove, Mr. Rodriguez, Miss Shepard, and Mr. Basel for all they do. They are honest (brutally honest), hard on us and at the same time fun. Like the Towards Employment website states “We help people move forward on their pathway to prosperity”, and each of our Facilitators demonstrate this commitment.

I want to wish my classmates all the success in the future. It is hard to imagine how in two weeks 9 people can come together as a group and even as friends. Towards Employment made that possible, and I say to you that nothing is impossible for the word itself says “I’m Possible.”

In closing I would like to tell my classmates whom; I consider my friends, along with the new class coming that “Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.” – 2017 Graduate