Opportunities for Young Adults

Supporting you, and your goals.

We know getting a job is more than just an interview. Let us help you!

We're here to help you get transportation, connect you to housing and family support - we even provide uniforms and tools!

It would be an honor if we could help you move forward in any way.


We have jobs waiting for you.

Whether you have a background or not, we have opportunities for you! Check out our P2S program, or send us a message and we'll work with you to find the perfect fit.


What are my options? Do I need a GED?

What if I'm not good at studying or test taking? What are my career options if I don't go to college?

You have questions, and we have answers. Towards Employment has free training, apprenticeships, and paid work experiences.

Tell us your goals and we will work with you to help get you where you want to be.


Have a background? We have your back.

Your job search isn't over, it's just beginning! We have free training opportunities in well-paying career fields for you.

Interested in manufacturing, IT, healthcare, or culinary? Our OSY program may be for you! 

Have questions? We're here M-F, 8:30am - 4:30pm. Call us at (216) 696-5750


Your money matters.

We have a team dedicated to helping you meet your goals. From opening bank accounts to fixing your credit, we'll walk you through it step by step.

Learn more about our Financial Opportunities Center - contact us now!


The world's always on the move!

With the cost of driving getting more and more expensive, and the uncertainty of public transit, sometimes just getting to work isn't working. We'll help to keep you moving forward towards your career goals!

Family Support

Family values are our values.

Whether it's living with parents, or learning how to become a parent yourself, we have connections to resources and people you can talk to. Let us know what you need in a safe, judgement-free place and we will work with you to get you started on a career path that can support you and the ones you love.

Learn more about how TE can help you get a job that can pay the bills - contact us today!



Whether you need temporary or permanent housing, we work with groups all over Cleveland that can help.

Transitioning is tough - you're tougher! Our team at TE understands, and can help you find work wherever you're at.

Let us know what you need, and we'll get you on your way to a great career!

Online Resources

Generation Work

Generation Work is a partnership launched by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to help young Americans succeed in the job market. This partnership is designed for ages 18-24 who are enrolled in federal workforce programs and eligible for public benefits.

Towards Employment is a Generation Work partner helping connect and train young adults for great careers.

We can help you start your career,

while giving you the support you need.

Want to speak to someone directly?

Call our office at (216) 696-5750