Connecting people

to careers.

We build and transform workforce systems to achieve equitable economic advancement for all.


We champion the potential of every person to succeed in a meaningful career, while working to create an equitable and inclusive workforce for tomorrow. We do this through skill development, comprehensive support, innovative practices, and strong employer partnerships.

Not just a job, but a career

Towards Employment connects people to careers that can provide family-sustaining wages. We care about more than just the starting wage, but also providing room to grow and advance into new income tiers and titles.

Job Quality Matters

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With over 300 employer partners, we understand the job market and how to help employers fill much needed positions. TE has a go-to-market approach and uses employer metrics to enhance job quality, which in-turn reduces turn-over rates and boosts workplace moral.

It's About Equity

Not everyone has been given the opportunity to access sustainable employment. TE actively works to influence policy shifts that address systemic barriers and promote System Alignment to the most affected communities. Barriers can include housing, access to food, transportation, and medical care - all of which TE can help connect to local resources.

How TE is addressing Barriers

We're Building for the Future

As a thought leader in workforce development, TE works to pilot new approaches to improve our programs and build up the field. Towards Employment and other organizations like it have implemented the WorkAdvance model to make pathways work better for everyone. Towards Employment has worked together with United Way to identify the Social Determinants of Work, which will be explored throughout our intiative.


Richard Jackson

"I feel like without Towards Employment I would not be on the path that I’m on. I love my job."

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Tiara Colbert

"Towards Employment helps to build confidence. They gave me the reassurance that I can go a little bit further, that I can challenge myself to finish. They help remind people they’re not alone, that this is a process."

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