Alumni Advancement Collective (OLD)

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What is the Alumni Advancement Collective?

The TE Advancement Alumni Collective will provide alums with tools and resources to enhance personal growth and increase access to professional development opportunities centered on the pillars of career advancement, leadership development, advocacy and civic engagement.

The Benefits

Civic Engagement

Support your community by engaging with other neighborhood organizations that provide resources and support free of charge for the betterment of the community.

Community Service & Outreach

Participate in programs or activities that enrich the local community through policy & advocacy! Alums will develop capacity to strengthen written and verbal communication and develop a tool box for effective storytelling.


Grow leadership skills by serving on a board, advisory council, or committee to be a catalyst of change for agenda or cause for that benefits the local community and beyond.

Professional Development

Get involved with professional affiliates, such as service based, charitable, or organizations that will support continual professional development and learning opportunities to support career goals.

Alumni-exclusive Events

Toys for Tots

Back to School


Advisory Council Opportunities

Alumni Advisory Council

The Alumni Advisory Council will enhance relationships between alums, employees, and the board of directors. Members of the council will provide advice and recommendations in support of initiatives that create advancement opportunities as identified in the core pillars for the TE Alumni Collective. This also includes providing mentoring for recent graduates in efforts of forming meaningful and lasting relationships to assist alums with building their networks and gaining valuable insight to career advancement opportunities.

Volunteers with the ACE program provide a building demonstration for students at Lincoln West High School.

Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council exists to actively engage and collaborate with Towards Employment in promoting opportunities for parent leadership, advancement and personal development. This council will support Towards Employment to identify barriers that prohibit parents from reaching career goals. The Council will also help foster a collaborative approach between parent alums and TE representatives by working together to deepen parent engagement and involvement.


  • Parent (custodial or non-custodial)
  • Grandparent
  • Legal Guardian

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  • Currently employed or self- employed
  • Unemployed due to recent departure on good terms from employer or recent job
    loss and actively seeking employment
  • Actively enrolled in a credential training, educational program such as vocational or technical school/program, community college or institute of higher education
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Meet the Alumni Network Coordinator

Greg Reaves

Greg Reaves is TE's Alumni Network Coordinator. Greg has experience as a case manager with TE, and is now helping alumni (like you!) advance in not just their careers, but in their lives. Greg also serves on the Cleveland Police Commissioner Committee.

Questions? Email Greg at